Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review For: Yoyo Lipgloss

Review For: Yo Yo Lipgloss
Price- $3.49 each
Pros- Cute rectractable cord, Good taste
Cons- A little sticky
I was sent these lip glosses on my old blog which was canceled and I never got to do a review on them so I'm doing one now. These glosses are definitely aimed toward the younger crowd (10 and under). They come in cute names like Cha-Cha Chocolate, Big Bounce Bubble Gum, Girly Green Apple, and Kissable Kiwi. I was sent them all but since I was sent them a while ago I misplaced two. The white one in the pic is Big Bounce Bubble Gum and the Pink one is Kissable Kiwi. The retractable string is really cool. But the glosses are a bit to sticky for me. I would recommend these for maybe like a younger kids goody bag or you could get them as a nice gift for a younger sister!

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